Tesoro Viejo

Great things begin
with a great plan.

A modern village
with a wild nature.

Reimagine what’s possible.

Imagine a place where the new and inventive blend with the familiar and comfortable.  Where the best parts of home are integrated with innovative 21st century ideas, for a fresh approach to living a balanced life.  Where community and wild places are connected, enhanced, and nurtured.

Imagine strolling down tree-lined streets, past shops and cafés, to an open-air plaza where a concert is underway.  Where schools are within walking distance to charming neighborhoods.  And for your daily run, trails take you through parks into rolling hills with scenic overlooks of the San Joaquin River and Little Table Mountain.

This is Tesoro Viejo.


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Deep roots in the
San Joaquin Valley.

Tesoro Viejo is a majestic 1600-acre site situated at the foot of Little Table Mountain.  With its abundant natural resources with direct pedestrian trail access to the San Joaquin River, this treasured location has been a traditional gathering spot for centuries.  In fact, it was this intersection between land and community that drew The McCaffrey Group to the site. Over the course of three generations, the locally owned company has focused on community development, residential construction, and giving back to the communities they serve.

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